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The renter agrees and understands that the term “Equipment” shall include any items loaned from Giramondo by bike and that they are all its property to loan.


The renter is familiar with the proper use of the equipment; has received instruction on the use of it and fully understands its use and function .The renter also admits being in good health condition to be able to use the equipment and agrees on being responsible for the group that he/she represents, and also respect the Italians laws and traffic rules.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE/LOSS THEFT: The renter agrees to return the equipment in the exact same conditions as it was loaned, to keep all the items safe and to use them in a proper manner, acknowledging that they are not intended for use in downhill or free styling, nor in lakes, rivers and oceans’ rides.
Regardless of the party at fault, the renter agrees to be responsible for the equipment during the rental. This includes, but is not limited to, any form of loss, theft, or damage to it, as well as to him/herself, to other persons, and to anybody’s’ property.
In case of theft, loss or destruction, the renter agrees on paying Giramondo by bike, the amount equivalent to the replacement of the equipment. All repair costs, if required for damage during the rental, will be charged to the renter, according to the normal fees applied by Giramondo by bike in its current workshop. Giramondo by bike will be entitled to charge the renter’s credit card for such damage, repair or replacement costs.
CITY BIKE – € 200,00
MTB BIKE – € 600,00
E-BIKE – € 800,00
DEPOSIT: Giramondo by bike requires a damage deposit in the form of a credit card charge OR a document (with a photograph) of the renter. In case of a group rental, the document must be from the person who signs the contract. The document will be held by Giramondo by bike till the return of all the equipment hired.
CUSTOMER LIABILITY: The renter assumes total liability for any and all damage or loss to personal property, accident/injury to himself as well as any other persons related to the rental or the equipment, exempting, from any responsibility, Giramondo by Bike as a whole.
The renter agrees on returning the equipment on the date specified on this contract. An additional daily fee will be charged for each day late to return the equipment.
I have read and understood and I voluntarily agree to all the terms and conditions that forms part of this contract.